Whole Systems Consulting

Advanced Practice Workshop

November 9-11, 2018 
Whitehall Hotel, Chicago IL
registration closes october 26

Have you experienced leaving a group relations (GR) conference and asking “Now what?  How can I apply this learning and theory to my practice as a consultant, leader or agent for change?  How can I use GR to better inform my assessment, diagnosis and interventions with clients, colleagues or coworkers?”


If so, this seminar is for you.


The three-day seminar aims to bridge the gap between powerful GR conference experiences, theory and application in the real world - from personal learning to systematic understanding and organizational change. 

How can you enhance the value of your consultation/leadership to organizations by applying GR?  What are the tools and methodologies available?  What barriers and pitfalls exist, and what are the greatest opportunities for organizations to benefit from GR consultation?


  • Small, intimate group to work with – maximum of 12

  • Pre-seminar self-assessment of your current practice

  • Pre-seminar preparation of a current example or case of an organizational challenge you face to share with the group and faculty

  • Individual opportunities for consultation with faculty or other participants


Veteran OD consultants Mark Kiel and René Molenkamp will facilitate.
Mark is Board certified in Organizational and Business Psychology and the author of The Tavistock Learning Group: Exploring Outside the Traditional Frame. René is an AKRI Fellow and co-founder of Group Relations International, with over 20 years of group relations experience. He works as a leadership consultant for the International Institute for Management Development in Switzerland and teaches at the School of Leadership and Education Sciences at University of San Diego. Both will bring their decades of experience across diverse organizations and industries to a dozen participants, each of whom will receive individual coaching and feedback on these skills, as well as on their consulting practice.


This is a unique opportunity to add practical new tools to your consulting practice while gaining insights, expertise and coaching from successful

GR practitioners in the field.


Prerequisite for attending Workshop - People need to have attended a Group Relations conference or equivalent and/or have GR experience of some kind.  


Cost – Early Registration, before September 23, $1,950  beginning September 23, $2,150
($50 discount for A K Rice Members)

Price does not include travel expenses or hotel

phone: 360-539-5867