About Whole Systems Consulting

Whole Systems Consulting deploys the methods of group relations, systems psychodynamics, and open systems theory to address organizational challenges at their deepest, systemic levels.  These challenges include organizational irrationality and misalignment, conflict and stuck-ness, silo’ing and isolation, and the failures of individuals, teams and organizations to work towards shared mission and goals.


Whole Systems Consulting helps you, in your consulting role, transform organizational frustrations into opportunities to explore and learn.  Specific Whole Systems techniques will help you and your clients access their curiosity and intuition, thereby facilitating a free flow of knowledge across the organization.


This training will help you understand your role, task and authorization, and help you analyze and intervene in role, task and authorization misalignments in your client organizations. 


Finally, this training offers a differentiated methodology that will unlock and transform unconscious dynamics that are costing your clients time, money and energy.  While these may not be the presenting concern of your clients, they are likely to be the underlying cause, and Whole Systems Consulting offers the tools to intervene in them. 


Whole Systems Consulting is meant to be something added to your existing consulting “toolbox” to help you with the most stubborn and frustrating clients.  You’ll learn from master teachers with decades of experience, who have helped clients to work through differences and access their internal resources to move forward where they were previously blocked.  Whole Systems Consulting has a 70 year history of driving such breakthroughs in high pressure environments like the military, hospitals and the Silicon Valley. Join us this November to learn how.


The three-day seminar aims to bridge the gap between powerful GR conference experiences or academic work and application in the real world - from personal learning to systematic understanding and organizational change.  You’ll practice key consulting skills and receive individual coaching and feedback on these skills as well as on your own consulting practice.

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