Mark Kiel is a clinical psychologist, group psychotherapist, and is board certified in Organizational and Business Psychology.   He is active in Group Relations Conferences with particular interest in Large Study Groups, Institutional Systems Events and post conference application.  He is an Organizational and Group consultant in private practice and is the President of the Chicago Center for the Study of Group and Organizations (CCSGO). Over the last decade, Dr. Kiel was a professor at a clinical psychology program where he coordinated a group-based Personal and Professional Development program as part of the curriculum as well as taught courses in group dynamics, psychoanalytic theory and practices and organizational consultation.   In addition to organizational consultation, Dr. Kiel is the Director of a college counseling center, is a clinician in private practice and recently published a book wedding traditional Group Relations concepts with traditionally non-Tavistock concepts and social sciences, entitled The Tavistock Learning Group:  Exploration Outside the Traditional Frame.

René Molenkamp, PhD, is an AKRI Fellow and co-founder of Group Relations International, with over 20 years of group relations experience. He works as a leadership consultant for the International Institute for Management Development in Switzerland and teaches at the School of Leadership and Education Sciences at University of San Diego. He is the Co-Director of Group Relations International. 

phone: 360-539-5867